We’ve all seen them, a lead magnet is marketing speak for any type of content that is designed to bring new leads into your business. Usually they are given away free in exchange for contact details or some other type of action. But what is the point and would it have any value for your business?

Lead magnets pop up all over the internet, it could be a free ebook, a white paper or a PDF guide that teaches you how to do something. 

What type of content can I use for my lead magnet?

Anything. It could be a printable PDF, an online eBook or even sound or video files. The number one thing to remember with any lead magnet is that the more valuable you can make it for the customer, the higher the chance of it performing well for you.

Can’t I just put that content on my website?

Yes you could, but you may be missing out on valuable information that the customer would have handed over for free and that you could use in future marketing campaigns. Thats why its worth putting the time in and creating something of real value to the customer, so that it’s you they come to when they are ready to buy. 

What if I don’t want to be calling every lead I get from my lead magnet?

Firstly, you should. And not just once, online sales studies have shown that repeated follow ups work but we get it and realise that not everyone has Jordan Belfort on the payroll to make the calls. But don’t worry, the point is you have the contact information which you can then add to any other marketing or email campaigns you do in the future. 

Does a lead magnet have to be free?

No. A lead magnet can be any form of content that can bring a valuable sales lead into your business. Most of the time they are free, because that will encourage more people to download it. However if you create a really valuable lead magnet that has true value, there is no reason why you can’t charge for it.

How do I promote my lead magnet?

So, you have put time into creating the perfect lead magnet, but you have no downloads, what can you do? If you have invested a bunch of time into creating a super valuable resource, you want to get as much value out of it as possible. One way you can promote your lead magnet is through content repurposing, which is the process of reusing the content across different platforms and channels. The content from a 15 page ebook could create social posts, infographics, short videos and blog posts which can then be shared across network via your social media, blog and YouTube channels. 

Are there any other benefits?

Yes. Even if your customer isn’t in a position to buy straight away, by providing value and information you are showing them that you are there to help and that you know what you are talking about. This all helps later down the line when they are in a position to buy or use your service.

Would a lead magnet help my business?

That depends what you create. If your lead magnet can create actual value to your customers, then yes it would be worth it. Let’s look at an example. Say you are a plumber and you created a printable guide that showed customers how to temporarily fix the top 5 basic issues they might get around the house. Chances are they would keep this handy incase they ever had an emergency and needed to fix it, and if the guide they are using has your contact details on, you will be the one who gets the call. 


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